Digital Signage

Why Digital Signage?

No other medium makes it possible to deliver compelling content at the right location at the right time for maximum impact. It works whether your goal is to:
  • Increase sales and profits.
  • Inform, educate, notify, alert.
  • Encourage certain behavior.
  • Satisfy customers or employees.
  • Improve business processes.
  • Or all of the above.

Our Platforms:


  • One company, one solution  (hardware, software, installation, content development).
  • Scalable from one to many screens.
  • A one-time investment with no         ongoing licensing, maintenance, or upgrade fees.
  • No learning curve; easy for beginners to master.
  • Eliminates IT and security headaches.
  • Supports links to touch screens and motion detection devices

  • Minimise costs.
  • Share the job of content creation around the organization.
  • Use something different to create the content (e.g. Flash).
  • Deploy a signage network without needing IT help. 
  • Individually dispense players on numerous remote sites

Read more about our media players.

Black Box offers many resources to help you plan and implement digital signage:


Case studies

White papers



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