CCTV Video Balun
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CCTV Video Balun

Use inexpensive Category 5 or Category 3 UTP cable to transmit CCTV video!

  • Transmits CCTV video signals via a single UTP cable wired to a terminal strip.
  • Run color video up to 670 m or black-and-white up to 762 m.
  • Eliminates bulky and expensive coax cable, so you can connect CCTV security equipment to UTP cable already installed in a building.
  • Compact enough to fit alongside a security camera, a video multiplexor, or other video device in a tight area.
  • Weather-resistant unit features BNC and screw terminal connections, a polarity identification label, and cable strain relief.
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  CCTV Video Balun  
CCTV Video Balun
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NOTE: Must be used in pairs.

CCTV Video Balun Datasheet
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